SYNERGIC - Liquid Depth


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Behind Synergic are Torgen Anton & Bennjamin Neiss from Germany, who started their journey in the trance-world in 1998. Both with a background in the heavy metal band “Art Of Suffering”, but their new-found love for psychedelic trance soon took over completely, and so the Synergic project was born. With their music they want to convey uplifting feelings that express dreams, hopes and wishes. After years of trial, error, dancing, listening, getting inspired and inspiring others, they have finally completed their debut album “Liquid Depth”, which contains 9 uplifting psychedelic trance-tunes. Staying clear of many current-day overused trends, the two former heavy metal musicians have created a symbiosis of melodic and emotional music for the body, spirit and soul. Some tracks, like “Ujulala” and “There Is Nothing Wrong” are on the groovy side, while others, such as “Liquid Depth” and “Delusion Red” are more melodious and intense. In general the bass-lines are pumping, intense and dance-friendly, yet never stressful, and the dreamy sound-layers and textures are weaved in and out in a very progressive and hypnotic process. Add to that some intelligent twists and breaks, as well as some euphoric hints of organic, old-school psytrance, and you have an album perfectly suited for those magical hours where everything feels right. Our new interactive world is a huge opportunity to inspire, be inspired and spread thoughts and ideas, which will hopefully lead to a Synergic effect resulting in a better world. With their music, Synergic hopes to play a small part in making a positive change in the world. Their first step is “Liquid Depth”.


released October 10, 2011



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