LACERTA - dance with the lizards (Space Baby Records)




The green lizard (Latin Lacerta) - kind of lizard of the family of these lizards.
Large adults often have a bright green background color, the belly yellowish, white, young lizards.
In the mystical teachings, which is owned and shamanism, with its inherent totems, the lizard is always referred to as "satellite shaman." By itself, like a totem, it carries a lot of different magical qualities, it is - a useful totem. Lizard awakens in man the ability to easily and painlessly be suspended from all that burdens us. It can help to break with the past. Help Lizards - the shadow side of reality, where dreams are considered before a person decides to exercise them physically. Lizard - Assistance Dreams (dreams), which can always help you see the shadow. This shadow can be fears, hopes,
or the thing itself (business), to which the person resists.

Alexander Trufanov aka *Ala Kato*. Russia - Karelia and Andrey Averin aka *djOkujah*. Ukraine - Crimea
make a project LACERTA the end of 2010. The conceptual experiment created by the magical forests of Karelia and Crimea combines the bright colors of the magical music that speaks to us even in our dreams.


released December 12, 2012



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