AMRITA - Sunshine (Space Baby Records)


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Every day people make a choice between the natural filling of their souls and dictated strange fuss, between a sparkling love and lifeless indifference, between the brave flights in waking and drowsy steps in the crowd, between the exciting force and oppressing weakness, between the way of the warrior and the slave path, between conscious awareness and self-deception, and between life and temporality. Twisting in zigzags of alien troubles put upon us, we do not realize that there is another most important choice - between life and its eternal counterpart, which we can get only if we drink the ambrosia of our own divine essence.
This is a journey to the Sun, and everyone who chose it will meet immortality and grace. You can tune yourself on this wave right now having realized that each of you is your own personal God. AMRITA is a world of endless travel, where Goa and ethnics unite in a burning sun tent and transform the transparency of human illusions into the depth of heaven colored in golden sunrises and sunsets, full of passion and eternity.Happy present new digital release * SUNSHINE * from Project AMRITA, for real fans of morning psy & goa tunes.


released December 20, 2012



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